Parish Council

Parish Council

The Council’s purpose is to assist the Pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating and reviewing the evangelization, worship, religious education and service activities within the parish of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Parish Council Roster 2020 - 2021

Rev. Ian Jeremiah

Rev. Richard D. Murphy

Joseph Barragan 

Sue Stone (Parish Trustee)

Jack E. Schmeltzer III (Parish Trustee, Co-Chairman of Finance Committee)

Terry Goodwin (Co-Chairman of Finance Committee)

Jill Gussis

Greg Neumann

Paul Huston

Roni Schmitz

John Toner (Chairperson)

Liza Sama

Susan Carroll

Marcos R. Esquivel
(Men’s Group)

Roberta Chiappelloni (St
Michael Women’s Association)

Liza Hesburgh (Walking With Purpose)

Loren Procaccini (Faith Formation)

Dorothy Riera (Sanctuary Guild)

Ed Sottile, M.D. (St Timothy Chapel)

Mark Kaczmarczyk
(Music Director)




Paola Rodditi
(Women’s Emmaus),


Mariano Henin
(Men’s Emmaus)










Read Amended and Restated Bylaws here.

Read Articles of Association previously in force here, or view as a PDF here.