RCIA: a program for becoming Catholic or completing the sacraments.

We invite you to look deeper into the Catholic faith.  RCIA is a process which takes place gradually in an open and welcoming environment.  It is a journey to learn how to live the Gospel values and the truths of our faith.  We hold sessions to share what Catholics believe and the fellowship of our church family through study, prayer, and rites at Masses.  Participants are mentored throughout the process by a team of catechists and sponsors.

While choosing to complete the sacraments of the Church is certainly not limited to parents, we believe that the sharing of the faith with one’s children as they learn is vital to teaching them life-long values. In addition, sharing these values with one’s spouse or other significant persons in one’s life may be invaluable to the relationships.

While generally planned as a multiple session conversation about the fundamental teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, the program can be flexible based on a person’s prior experience participating in the liturgies with their family or acquiring this knowledge in other ways.

If you or someone you know would like more information about joining the Catholic Church, contact  the Parish Office at (203) 869-5421 extension 200. A phone call does not commit you to a program, but we hope we can answer some of your questions!
You can also email us at email: stmichaelsttim@optonline.net